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Call Us Now : (818) 471-7959

Call Us Now : (818) 471-7959

Welcome to Rio Tacos

We are a family-friendly food truck committed to offering the greatest Mexican food and outstanding service!

Rio Tacos Story

Our story began with our passion for authentic tacos. Tacos are probably one of the most popular and most eaten foods in the world. There's infinite of varieties of delicious tacos every where. How ever, our hearts would always be in our origins where we first tried our home town tacos. Later in life living in Los Angeles, even though there's infinite locations where you can find delicious tacos, it wasn't what we remembered back home in Mexico. Having gone to culinary school and having that love for food, we decided to start our own taco business and replicate the flavors from our home towns. Working an original charcoal grill, our asada taco is our staple, also our other tacos have come from original grandmas recipes that cannot be duplicated. Outside our taco menu, we decided to create other classic dishes and our "chilaquiles" have become one of them. Our goal is to keep the classics alive, because "classics never die". We will continue to offer popular tacos from across Mexico and to replicate those flavors that we love and bring them to this side of the border. Also be believe strongly in maintaining quality and natural flavors, not compromising our food with artificial flavorings. My wife and kids have grown up with this food and we have always focused on quality. Come be a part of our journey and try our food that will make your taste buds travel to our origins in Mexico.

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Veronica A.

5 Star Review
Rio Tacos is the perfect spot in town for delicious tacos! Super recommended!

Joan R.

5 Star Review
Rio Tacos is the best Mexican foodtruck in town. The food, the staff, the atmosphere, everything is perfect! I highly recommend it!

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